Fragments from the streets
You really should be nicer to pigs. Credit: Peter Pearson
Fragments from the streets: Jan. 29 - Feb. 4

Signs of dissatisfaction


A banner reading “Go Away, Putin,” with a big X over a drawing of the prime minister was unfurled on a building facing from the Kremlin on Wednesday. The banner was hung by members of the opposition Solidarity Movement, and was later removed by officials.


In Vermont, inmates working in a prison print shop sneaked a prank pig picture into 16-inch decals for state patrol cars. The proper crest features a cow standing in a field, but the print shop workers replaced the cow with a spotted pig.



Are they fracking kidding?


House Republicans ordered the arrest of Academy-Award nominated director Josh Fox and his crew on Wednesday, as they tried to film a Congressional hearing. Fox directed the movie Gasland, which was an indictment of the natural-gas mining technique known as “fracking” or hydraulic fracturing.


What's left to Occupy?


In Indianapolis, protestors are putting on their game faces as they prepare to Occupy the Super Bowl. Unions and sympathizers are expected to protest a proposed “Right to Work” bill for the state. The grossly misnamed bill would weaken unions' rights and could suppress non-union wages.


Occupiers in Oakland were trying to take over an abandoned downtown convention center when 400 people were arrested Sunday. During the clash with protesters, police fired beanbags and tear gas into the crowd.


Killer cops


Community members called for the resignation of Calumet City, Ind.'s mayor and police chief after a 15-year-old autistic boy was shot and killed by police. The family called police when the boy had an outburst Wednesday morning. Police say the boy threatened them with a kitchen knife; the family says it was a butter knife and there was no threat to the officers.


Police in Senegal killed two demonstrators who called for the ouster of President Abdoulaye Wade during a Tuesday rally. The protestors are asking Wade to abandon his bid for a third term later this month. Among those arrested was Daddy Bibson, a popular local rapper and activist.


Now that's meta


Hackers from the group Anonymous released a 16-minute phone call in which British and U.S. law enforcement discussed the Anonymous hackers and others. Anonymous claims it recorded the call without the knowledge of the people talking. Officials said the call discussing high-profile hacking cases was made on Jan. 17, but that their computer systems had not been hacked.


Komen loses high-level employee to Planned Parenthood defunding


A top official at Susan G. Komen for the Cure resigned in protest of that foundation's decision to stop funding breast cancer screening at Planned Parenthood. Mollie Williams was the director of community health programs at Susan G. Komen. Planned Parenthood supporters have pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars this week to offset Komen's funding halt. Komen later reversed its decision because of public outcry.


Moms to protest Facebook breast-feeding ban


Australian moms are organizing a Feb. 7 protest of Facebook's policies regarding breast-feeding photos outside the company's Sydney offices. Some of the women's accounts were suspended because they posted pictures of themselves breast feeding.


Stop those mines!

Canadian mining company Osisko stopped an Argentine gold-mining operation after locals protested. The hundreds of people who protested at Argentina's capital said the gold mine would damage the environment.


Rioting Tibetans halted another gold-mining project at Kawagebo, which is considered one of the most sacred mountains in Tibet.. In fact, climbing it is banned. Villagers initially tried to negotiate with the Chinese company that planned to mine the mountain, but that did not work. Protests started peacefully, but became more intense as the company refused to scrap its plans. Both protestors and security officials were injured in the riot.


More than a soccer riot


Egyptians rallied Thursday, angered by the soccer riot that killed 79 the day before. The protestors said police allowed Port Said fans to attack the opposing team's fans as a retaliation for their support of last year's revolution.


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