Fragments from the streets: April 19
Protesters in Ireland put up signs at Apple. Credit: Greenpeace
Fragments from the streets: April 19

Fragments from the Streets is our roundup of news from struggles and successes on the road to liberation. Here's some of this week's news you may have missed:



They won't bare it anymore


A Portland man was arrested Tuesday after he stripped bare to protest a TSA pat-down at the Portland International Airport. John E. Brennan was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure. He said he took off his clothes to prove that he was not concealing a bomb, although his clothes tested positive for nitrates.



Last week, a woman at Denver International Airport also stripped in protest of invasive inspections. She has not been arrested and has not been identified, although she was taken to Denver Health for a mental health evaluation.


Animal liberation activist sentenced


An animal liberation activist who was arrested for releasing a mink from a farm where it was being raised for fur has been sentenced to 60 days in jail. Kellie Marshall pleaded guilty to releasing an animal from an animal facility and third degree burglary. She was arrested in October at Circle K Fur Farm in Iowa, along with Victor VanOrden. VanOrden was sentenced to five years in prison, although he is eligible to apply for parole in May.



Protesters say police overreacted in child cuffing case


Activists in Georgia are questioning a police officer's decision to handcuff a 6-year-old kindergartener who was throwing a temper tantrum. The girl allegedly wasthrowing things off of the teacher's desk and pushing other children. The Milledgeville , Ga. police officer said he cuffed the girl – and later placed her in a jail cell – for safety reasons.


Officer shames, charges massage parlor owner


The Vietnamese community in Falls Church, Va. is protesting police handling of the investigation into a sexual assault of a woman at the massage parlor she owns. The woman said she was assaulted at knife point, and when the suspect fled, several witnesses saw the attacker and were able to describe him accurately. When a police officer came to investigate the attack days later, he charged the assault survivor with operating an unlicensed massage parlor.



Planning for the Olympics


At least 40 groups planning protests for the London Olympics this summer held planning meetings last weekend. Among those planning protests are anti-corporate and sustainability organizations, and groups that support disaster assistance.


Invading Apple


Greenpeace activists climbed to the top of a Cork, Ireland Apple facility as part of a campaign to get the company to use cleaner energy sources on Wednesday. The activists placed a sign that read “Clean our Cloud.”


A formula for revolution


Anti-government protesters fought police Wednesday outside Bahrain's cultural exhibition that was set up as part of the gulf nation's major formula one race. The opposition has been active for about 14 months.


Egyptians to demand greater variety in candidates


Egyptians plan once again to in Tahrir Square on Friday, in support of Islamic candidates who are banned from running in the presidential election. Tahrir Square was the place where Egypt's revolution began a little more than a year ago. The uprising was supported by the country's military, which members of the opposition now find oppressive.


Election inconsistencies aired


After weeks of protest, Russia has admitted on Wednesday to problems with voting in the mayoral election in the city of Astrakhan. The nation's top election official admitted that video evidence pointed to voting irregularities.


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