San Francisco Occupy protestors evicted. Credit: Creative Commons/Michael 1203
San Francisco Occupy protestors evicted. Credit: Creative Commons/Michael 1203
Fragments from the streets: 12/4/11-12/10/11

This week has included big successes and a few setbacks for social movements from France to San Francisco.

A busy, noisy week for anarchists

In Toronto, an anarchist group gathered outside a detention center Monday with firecrackers to protest the prison. Inmates reportedly joined the ruckus from inside by banging on windows. No one was arrested in the action, which took place during a shift change. 

The Italian Informal Anarchist Agency has taken responsibility for at least two mail bombings in Europe this week. The targets included the director of Italy’s tax collection agency – who was injured – and the chief executive at Deutsche Bank. That bomb was diverted. The group planned three explosions. 

Protests successes

Roughly six hundred marchers gathered in the rain on Sunday for Singapore’s SlutWalk. Organizers planned for 300 people. SlutWalk events around the world have protested blaming victims – particularly women – for sexual assault or harassment. 

In France, Greenpeace activists crept into a nuclear power plant in Nogent-sur-Seine to drop a large banner, which mocked the facility for being so easy to break into.  

Indian shopkeepers earned a major victory this week, after opposing new legislation that would allow big-box retailers from other countries to open stores in India. The government decided not to move forward with the plan after local shopkeepers uniformly shuttered their businesses in protest.


A federal judge on Wednesday granted Occupy New Orleans a restraining order that will let them stay in Duncan Plaza, undisturbed, for another week. They are the first group to get legal permission to reclaim a park police had evicted protesters from. 

But the news wasn’t as good for San Francisco Occupiers. The group was evicted from their park on Wednesday. At least 85 people were detained and 15 arrested. 

Police and Occupy relations in Denver have been tense for weeks. But they weren’t helped when court testimony on Monday revealed an officer created a fake Twitter account to mock the protesters, who he called “idiots.” 

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